Help & Guide

* As you can order without membership registration in our company, please feel free to use. Membership registration is free and there are no membership fees, annual membership fees, etc. People who already have Facebook and Twitter accounts can directly register facebook and Twitter accounts, please be sure to use them.
Benefits of registered membership:
Only members can get credit for purchases. Five percent of the purchase price will be returned as points, which can be used as "1 point = 1 yen" when shopping next time. (The decimal point is discarded)

② E-magazines such as coupons will be issued to members from time to time.
③ Hold discount activities for members only irregularly.
④ The members can buy the goods that are sold by appointment first.
⑤ Members can clearly query the order records and tracking of goods.
⑥ You can use the features that members like.

Member registration method

STEP 1. Click the "Login" button in the upper right corner of the website.
STEP 2. Please enter your email address for registration.
STEP 3. Enter your login password.
STEP 4. Press the login button.

Ways to register new members

STEP 1. Select New Registration.
STEP 2. Enter the email address used as the login ID, set the login password, and click New Login.
(If you already have a Gmail or Twitter account, please sign up for one.)
STEP 3. Keep your login email address and password secure

【 note 】
If your email address continues with "before @. (dot) ", or use "before @. ", the email cannot be sent. Please log in at an address other than these conditions.
The email is sent through
If there is a receiving setting, please set it to receive.
If you register your email address as Gmail, it may be received by the spam folder.
In case you do not receive our mail, please check the garbage folder.
If you do not receive a confirmation email, please log on to our store's line ID: elezcasez.
Change of account information
STEP 1. Click login account information.
STEP 2. Enter the information you want to change.
About Login Password
If you forget the password and cannot log in, the "person who forgot the password" in the login screen can be changed.
STEP 1. Enter your email address and click Continue.
STEP 2. Confirm the URL automatically sent by the system.
STEP 3. After resetting the password, keep it safe.

About the return
If you want to withdraw from the meeting, you need to confirm, so it will be done in the "customer consultation".
※ After the exit, can not confirm the order resume.
※ If you have ordered goods now, please cancel the meeting after receiving the goods.

About Ordering Method
* As you can order without membership registration in our company, please feel free to use.

About the delivery date of the goods

1. Orders will be sent within 1-5 business days after confirmation of payment.
It takes about 5-15 days from delivery to arrival.
2. Postal tracking can be carried out 3 working days after the goods are sent.

Japan post's official website "", can track.
Matters needing attention:
※ Since the preparation period of multiple orders is longer, the lead time is also longer.
※ Inventory changes every day, please confirm by email before purchase if you are in a hurry.

※ It takes time for some goods to come into stock because of the manufacturer's production, etc. In that case, we'll deliver it as soon as it arrives.
※ Since it is international mail, it may be extended according to the weather conditions, customs conditions and transportation conditions, etc. Please forgive me if there is no hope added.
Please understand and cooperate.

About Distribution Methods

Delivery mode: International parcel (overseas delivery)

Shipping: Free delivery for all

※ Post office can not be reserved, please understand in advance.

Please refer to the following process for delivery.

Goods packing → international exchange branch inspection → Japanese customs clearance → delivery to customers

About redelivery
In the absence of the guest, the delivery company will leave notice in the mailbox and other places. Please contact the delivery company directly to adjust the date of re-delivery.
If you lose the notice, please call the post office directly according to the express number to request redelivery. (Japan post's official website "") under the condition of tracking number also lost, "call center" in business to contact you and tracking number, and inform you again, so please rest assured.
If the tracking number is lost, we will contact our store's "customer service center" to inform you of the tracking number again, please rest assured.
* If you cannot retrieve it due to your absence, the post office will keep it for 14 days. Please do not expire. If the luggage has to be sent back to the destination because of the guest, we will bear the delivery cost and labor cost of 2000 yen, please understand.
About the cancellation
Please discuss the order content when ordering goods and confirm the order.
Changes in model, color and design can be accepted before the goods are shipped, but cancellations and changes cannot be handled after the goods are shipped.
For secondary purchase, please contact the store on the day you place your order. Cancellations cannot be processed after an item is ready to be shipped.
Cancellation before delivery will be refunded with a 500 yen handling fee, depending on the customer's situation.
※ In the case of convenient refund of the guest, the handling fee related to the refund will be borne by the guest.